Self-Healing Made Easy with Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching

Effective. Fast. Root-Cause-Based.

​What is root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching?

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is extremely effective because its focusing exclusive on the root-causes of symptoms.

Its based on newest research in Lifestyle Medicine and the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection demonstrating that up to 80% of chronic health issues can be reversed through comprehensive lifestyle changes.

How does Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching work?

We’ll meet in my practice or online in a safe, supportive and empowering environment and by asking a set of questions I’ll help you discover the „WHY“; what specifically is triggering your symptoms and using highly effective Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols to unlock your body’s natural healing intelligence.

As a health coach I do not diagnose, treat or provide any type of medical service or prescription but rather coach and guide you through your personal self-healing and auto-regulation process.

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Who’s a good candidate for Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching?

If you want answers and need solutions then Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is for you.

As a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, trained at the Lifestyle Prescriptions University, I’ve seen radical transformations with all types of physical, emotional or behavioral symptoms including:

  • Skeletal and muscle pain
  • Skin eczema or acne
  • High blood pressure and cardio-vascular symptoms
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Anxiety, fear or depression
  • ADHD, asthma, chronic couching
  • Female, fertility and reproductive issues
  • Lack of direction, purpose or life goals
  • Hypersensitivity, allergies or auto-immune symptoms and many others

What can I expect during a session?

Most clients remark that for the first time they understand why they have symptoms; how specific stressors, emotions and beliefs are intimately linked and which steps they need to take to heal and thrive.

Typically, during a consultation I’ll guide you through the 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching process:

  1. Find Your Root-Causes
    You’ll discover your 6 Root-Causes (the WHY and HOW); exactly which specific stress trigger, emotion, belief & lifestyle habits are affecting your specific symptom; and where you are in the healing process (the 9 major points of phases of the self-healing).

    You’ll be utterly surprised.
  2. Radical Transformations
    We’ll use evidence-based Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols to help you:
    ♥ Release unresolved emotional hurts
    ♥ Reset and let go of stress triggers
    ♥ Establish empowering beliefs
    ♥ Create real-life and social improvements
    ♥ Increase strength, vitality and life energy

    You’ll see results during your first session.

  3. Establish New Habits with Lifestyle Prescriptions®
    You’ll receive a personalized, laser-sharp and root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions® that engages you, increases awareness and helps you create new healthy lifestyle habits.

    Just imagine where you will be and how you will feel in 90 days, if you improve only 1% per day.